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The use of Personal Electronic Devices (PED) onboard Rex’s Saab 340 aircraft is allowed in certain circumstances.

Small handheld PEDs weighing less than 1 kg, such as mobile phones, can be used in flight mode during all stages of flight. The device must be placed in flight mode inside the departure terminal and must remain in flight mode until inside the arrival terminal.

Larger PEDs weighing more than 1kg, such as laptop computers must be stowed appropriately for taxi, take-off and landing, and are permitted to be used only during cruise when the FASTEN SEATBELT sign is switched off. They must be turned off and securely stowed once the FASTEN SEATBELT sign is switched on.

All items must be secured during the critical phases of flight; i.e. take-off and landing and at any other time as required by the flight crew. Devices sitting on an empty seat, table or resting on the lap of a passenger are not considered to be secured.

All PEDs cannot be used while crossing the tarmac.

Flight Mode

As PEDs can cause interference with aircraft systems, flight mode must be selected on all electronic devices prior to leaving the terminal. Selecting flight mode will disable the transmitting function on your device and will prevent the ability to send and receive, for example remove the function to make calls, send text messages or emails.

Electronic devices, including mobile phones, without activated flight mode, may not be used at any time after leaving the terminal.

Personal Electronic Device (PED) Onboard Usage

PED Type Restrictions for Use

Small PEDs

PEDs less than 1 kg which can be held in one hand.

Examples include e-book reader, tablets and smartphones.
Approved for use terminal to aircraft and vice versa and must not be used when crossing the tarmac.

These devices must have their transmission capabilities deactivated prior to leaving the terminal.

Large PEDs

PEDs 1kg or more; PEDs less than 1kg which cannot be held in one hand.

Examples include laptops or personal computers.
These devices must be turned off prior to leaving the terminal. These devices must be stowed in an overhead locker or approved stowage locations such as under the seat in front during taxi, take-off and landing.

Devices may be used in-flight when the FASTEN SEATBELT is switched off, until the FASTEN SEATBELT sign is switched on.